Hulsey Financial Services


– Stocks
– Bonds- corporate, Treasury, municipal
– Options
– Mutual funds
– REIT’s- Real Estate Investment Trusts
– Exchange Traded Funds
– Custodial accounts for minors – UGMA and UTMA
– 529 Plans- College savings plans in all states

Managed money

– Investment Advisor Representative
– Fee based individual portfolio management
– 100+ money managers for managed accounts

Retirement Planning

– 401(k), 401(k) Traditional, Roth and  Profit Sharing accounts
– IRA- Ttraditional, Roth, SEP, Simple and Self-Directed
– 403(b), Retirement accounts for teachers
– 412(i)- Retirement plan for business owners, tax sheltered
– Defined Benefit Plans for businesses
– 401(k) Plans for business including Safe Harbor
– 419(e) single-employer welfare benefit arrangement plan


– Contracts with more than150 insurance companies
– Life insurance- Whole, term, universal life, for individuals: keyman and cross purchase for company   succession planning.
– Annuities – Fixed, variable or index based as the client situation dictates
– Long Term Care- individual and group plans
– Disability Insurance- individual and group

Alternative Investments

– 1031 Exchanges – shelter taxable gains from the sale of income properties and provide income.
– Online trading accounts
– RBC Capital Markets – worldwide clearing firm
– Public and Private Placement Real Estate Investment Trusts