Transition Organizer


Planning for Your Loved Ones Future


Life is a series of transitions: Marriage, Divorce, Children, Empty Nest, Illness and Death


What happens if you, your spouse, a child or a parent becomes ill, incapacitated or dies? Are you and your family prepared for the emotional and financial turmoil that could result? Are you familiar with your family’s financial affairs? Is every family member familiar with the family financial affairs?

These are difficult questions that most of us do not consider until a crisis is upon us. Most people find these questions difficult and even unpleasant to think about much less prepare in advance for. The illness or loss of a loved one creates serious emotional and financial stress.

The best time to plan is BEFORE you or your family faces a crisis. The greatest gift that you can leave for your family is a complete up-to-date accounting of your affairs and last wishes. This Transition Organizer can help give peace of mind and comfort to your family at the time of their greatest distress. However, you must keep it current and in a safe place. The ideal place for storing the Transition Organizer is at home in a fireproof safe or fireproof filing cabinet. (If it is kept in a safe deposit box at your bank, it will be unavailable on weekends and holidays, which may impede your loved ones access in their time of need).

The Transition Organizer is designed to smooth the transition for your family. To help accomplish this goal, please add additional pertinent information in the notes sections of the Transition Organizer.

It is the best gift you can give your family.



Section 1 Personal Information1–2

Section 2 General Information3–6

Section 3 Bank | Credit Union Accounts | Personal Safes7–11

Section 4 Insurance12–16

Section 5 Annuities | Stocks | Bonds | CD’s | Brokerage Accounts17–21

Section 6 Loans Payable | Receivable22–23

Section 7 The Web – WWW24–25

Section 8 Last Wishes and Desires | Funeral26–28

Section 9 Advanced Directives29

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